Frequently asked questions by Tenants

Is there a minimum term I can rent a property for ... ?
Generally speaking 6 month's is the minimum rental period, rarely will an agent issue an agreement for more than 12 months, however, it is not unusual for the tenancy agreement to be extended at the end of the term provided both parties agree.

Dilapidation deposit ... ?
A dilapidation deposit equal to at least 1 months rent is required at the start of the tenancy. This is held until the expiracy of the tenancy and cannot be used to offset the last month's rent.The agent usually holds the deposit in a client's account until the end of the tenancy. The deposit is refundable once the property has been checked against the Inventory and Statement of Condition, and providing that there are no missing items, damage and no rent arrears your deposit will be returned shortly after you leave the property.

Do I have to be in full time employment ... ?
Generally speaking yes, however there are many individual circumstances to consider.The criteria is relatively simple and applies to all Tenancy's. Proof of income must be supplied to prove you are capable of paying the rent for the agreed term. (See below)

What references are required ... ?
At least two references are required one of which must be a financial reference and or... An employment reference. If self employed, an accountants reference. Must have 3 years trading figures. If retired a bank or building society reference. If you are renting at the moment, a Landlords or Lettings Agency reference. A personal reference from someone who thinks you are wonderful and not a relation, your solicitor perhaps!. Proof of ID (Passport, new style driving licence) and existing address i.e. Utility company bill showing your name and address.

Can I leave the property before the term has expired ... ?
Unless you have negotiated a break clause to be written in to the tenancy agreement you will remain responsible for all outgoings and rent until the end of the agreed term or until a satisfactory tenant can be found.

What is this going to cost me at the beginning ... ?
Normally at least a months rent in advance and the equivalent of a month to six weeks, rent to be held as a deposit against damage and dilapidation¡¦s (and the administrative charges noted below).

Are there any agency fees ... ?
There will be one off costs to cover the inventory and check-in, admin charges for taking up references, the preparation of the tenancy agreement and stamp duty (if applicable).

Who maintains the garden ... ?
Unless it is written into the tenancy agreement that the gardens are maintained by the landlord or his gardener, you will be responsible for the upkeep.

I've lived abroad for the past 25 years, what happens with references ... ?
You will not be registered on any of this country's electoral rolls, it is likely that you will not have a bank account in this country which makes credit checking difficult.In this case the full amount of rents including the deposit and administration fee's will have to be paid in full at the commencement of the tenancy. The above would also apply to foreign nationals wishing to rent a property.

Does the landlords insurance cover my possessions ... ?
The landlord is responsible for insuring anything that belongs to him, you are responsible for insuring anything that belongs to you.? Specialised tenants contents insurance is available, ask for further details.

Who pays for the utilities i.e. water rates etc., ... ?
The tenant usually pays the water, electricity, gas, council tax and TV licence and telephone bills etc.,